Item is sold out? I would love to knit it for you.


Item is sold out? I would love to knit it for you.

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"When a hobby becomes another income" - TheMarker Online

My story

My name is Ayelet and I knit from a very young age, a craft I learned as a child from my grandmother.


I am a professional interior designer , owner of In-Design studio for planning and interior design since 2012, author of the book "The Guide to Home Renovation and Design" (2019). In the Covid-19 crisis in 2020 I found myself at home, like everyone else, with my business activity slowing down.


I sat down and knit at any free hour. At the beginning I used patterns I found online but later I invented new samples and patterns myself.

Each handmade item got my personal touch and each one is a unique creation.

​My tools are crochet hooks and needles. I use materials as cotton/velvet/wool threads, acrylic filler, plastic eyes, buttons, wooden/metal hoops etc.

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Ayelet Shtain


Photo by: Mariana Stebeneva