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Shipping policy

Delivery  Options :


  1. Local shipping in Israel by IL Post at a cost of 15 NIS.

  2.  Boxit - Delivery to a picking up site or a locker, in Israel only, at a cost of 20 NIS.

  3.  Delivery to buyer's address in Israel only, at a cost of 41 NIS.

  4. Wourldwide shipping at a cost of 35 NIS (approximately 10 USD).

  5. Self-picking up from Modiin (Israel) at no cost .

  6.  Free shipping on purchases of a minimum amount of 450 NIS at a single order.


Local shipping will be made to areas within Israel, defined in the shipments regulations (except for individual localities, which we will not be able to reach and in front of which the coordination of the way of arriving the product will be made by phone).


Wourldwide shipping will be made to countries/states that have mail connections with the state of Israel.


Delivery dates will be calculated from the moment the credit card company receives approval.


Delivery of the products will be made by courier - delivery will be made within 7-21 business days (Sunday-Thursday except holidays and holidays eve.) from the moment the order is confirmed. If a special order has been placed, the delivery date will be determined separately with the company.


Returns and exchanges are made by returning the product to the supplier in intelligence, independently or by delivery at the customer's expense.

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