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Site Terms and Conditions

What is stated in these regulations and on the entire website applies equally to members of both sexes, the use of the masculine or feminine language is for convenience only. These Terms and Conditions regulate the relationship between the AYELETSOREGET website and the surfers on the website, whether they are an individual, a company, a corporation or any other body (hereinafter "the surfer").

By using the site and its various sections, the surfer declares that he accepts the site's rules, including the above and the above, and completely agrees with them. If the surfer does not agree to all or part of the terms of use, he is not allowed to make any use of the site.

The contents of the website are intended to provide general information and advice, the use and application are the sole responsibility of the user / purchaser / component.

The website (hereinafter - the "Website") is a website on the Internet, which runs a virtual store and offers its customers information and sales of handmade products (hereinafter "the Products"). The site is owned by "Ayelet Stein Interior Design", which is an authorized dealer (hereinafter the company).

Every purchaser of products and / or intends to purchase and / or receive information through the site and / or anyone who surfs the site declares and undertakes that he has read the regulations and agrees to its instructions.


Terms of use of the site - purchase of products and receipt of information

Anyone over the age of 18 who has a credit card in his name issued for him by one of the legally operating credit card companies in Israel and which can be cleared by one of the legally operating credit card companies in Israel may buy on the site.

The actions performed on the site will be solely for the purpose of receiving information and / or ordering products. Do not use the site for any other purpose.

The buyer's order to receive products will be accepted provided that all of the following conditions are met: (1) approval is given for the transaction from the buyer's credit company and / or the payment is arranged in another way to the company's satisfaction ("Ayelet Stein Interior Design"); (2) the requested products are in stock; (3) The purchaser has a personal e-mail box on the Internet, unless the transaction is made by telephone.

Prices, products and ordering

Before placing an order on the AYELETSOREGET website, the surfer will be asked to enter their full name, e-mail address, telephone number and address. When placing the order, the surfer will be asked to provide the credit card details with which he will make the purchase as well as the ID card number of the credit card holder. Credit card details and ID number are not stored in the site's database.

The AYELETSOREGET website presents collections in which various products are photographed, in addition, enlarged images of each item. The photos are for illustration only. Next to each item, its price is displayed in shekels. A user of the site can add it to the shopping cart, after checking its colors, size and price. Quantities can be changed, if there is stock, add and subtract items from the shopping cart at any time, at the end of the order the order must be confirmed at checkout.
In the event that an order is placed for the product displayed on the website and it turns out that the product is out of stock, the company undertakes to notify the customer by e-mail or telephone (at the choice of Ayelet Stein Interior Design) of the item and reserves the right to offer an alternative color, size or alternative product. If the customer confirms the order by e-mail or telephone, the order will be placed. If not, the order will be canceled and the credit card details will be deleted. If the customer is interested in waiting for the product to return to stock, his order will wait until the item returns to stock and he will receive an appropriate notification, if not, the transaction will be canceled and the customer's credit card will be credited.

Details of the purchaser of the products and the security of the site

When placing an order to purchase products through the website, the buyer will be required to enter personal details, order details, credit card details, etc. (hereinafter - the details) in the system. The owners of the site and / or those who operate it and / or any of its managers and / or those on their behalf are not responsible for the mistake made by the buyer when typing the details. In addition, the above will not be directly or indirectly responsible for any case in which the purchase details are not received in the system and / or for any technical and / or other problem that prevents operations on the site.

Typing false details is a criminal offense. Legal action will be taken against submitters of false details, including tort claims for damages that may be caused to the site and / or the site owners and / or to its operators and / or to any of its managers and / or to anyone on their behalf. In the event of incorrect typing of details (including the personal details of the buyer), the company and / or anyone on its behalf reserves the right to reject the offer.

The details of the operation on the site, including the details of the offer and the details of the buyer, but with the exception of the credit card details, will be transmitted via an encrypted security protocol (SSL), which is accepted in e-commerce, to the server on which the site is operated. These details will not be passed on by the company and the site operators to external parties, except as necessary in order to complete the purchase operations performed by the purchaser. In payments made via the Internet, the purchaser will provide the credit card details directly to the clearing company, without passing through the company at any stage of the purchase. In telephone purchases the purchaser will provide the credit card details to the company representative, who will enter them directly into the clearing company’s servers, without keeping the details in the company’s hands. The company reserves the right to use the information provided by the buyer (excluding credit card information) for the purpose of analyzing statistical information. In any such case, the data will not be personally attributed to the perpetrator and will not be identified in any way.

The store may send e-mails to the operators of the operations and contact them in writing or orally with any information regarding the company's promotions, innovations on the website, advertisements from selected commercial entities, etc., unless the buyer notifies in writing that he is not interested.

In order for the company and / or the supplier (s) to be able to supply the operator with the products he ordered, it is necessary that the order details be received and recorded on the company's computers in a proper and orderly manner, with the order details containing all the items required to ship the products. If you have been notified of incorrect content for any reason, you should contact the company by phone. If there is a disruption or error in the description of the product, its price or any other detail, the company will be entitled to cancel the order of the operator and the operator will not be charged any fee for his canceled order.

If at the time of placing the order the operator performs incorrect details, the company and / or the suppliers will not be able to guarantee that the products will reach him. In the event that the products are returned to the company and / or suppliers, due to incorrect details provided when placing the order, the operator will be charged a fee for shipping and handling fees.

Payment for the products

Payment is made by credit card and billing is in shekels. All prices on the website include VAT. The total amount charged will appear in the shopping cart after the order is confirmed and will include all the items ordered and the corresponding shipping fees for the order will be specified. The credit card details will be transmitted via a secure clearing server when encrypted. Credit card details, the order details can be entered for telephone contact, in order to transfer the credit card details. Approval of the order and execution is conditional on receiving approval for the transaction from the credit company through the clearing company. If no confirmation is given, the company will inform the surfer. The credit or to the bank in order to take care of the appropriate credit line.If the surfer has not arranged the credit line, the company may cancel the transaction.

Shipping and product delivery policy
Shipments will be made to areas within Israel, defined in the shipping regulations (except for individual localities, which we will not be able to reach and in front of them the coordination will be made by way of product arrival by phone). Shipping prices and delivery dates are defined in the shipping regulations.


The confirmation message after ordering does not obligate the company or supplier to deliver the order, the confirmation message indicates that the order details have been received in the system only and will not constitute confirmation of receipt of the product or payment for the product or confirmation of anything. Only after receiving approval from the credit company to make the payment and debit the transaction will the company be responsible for delivering the charged product.

The delivery dates of the shipment will be calculated from the moment the approval is received by the credit company and if there is no approval the company may cancel the transaction.

The delivery of the products will be done through an independent shipping company and will be in accordance with the delivery terms customary there. If delivery is delayed or not possible, for any reason (security situation, weather, etc.), the company will find an alternative solution that is acceptable to both parties. The company will make the final decision regarding the cancellation of each shipment.
The company reserves the right to update the shipping prices from time to time, as needed.


Delivery by courier will be made within 3-7 business days (Sunday-Thursday excluding holidays and festivals) from the moment the order is confirmed. If a special order has been placed, the delivery date will be determined separately with the company. The company or anyone on its behalf will not be responsible for delays in the delivery of the products as a result of events beyond their control, such as: strikes, strikes, wars, malfunctions in computer systems / telephones / communications, hostilities or force majeure such as war / earthquake, etc. In these cases the company will contact the customer for the shipping arrangement.

Delivery by registered mail will be made within 14-21 business days.

Product return and cancellation of orders

An order made on the website can be canceled (except for special orders as detailed below), as long as the products have not been sent by the company or anyone on its behalf to the address provided. The notice of cancellation of the order will be made by telephone.

A product that arrived at the customer's home and was not used and is complete in its original packaging, can be returned to the company within 14 days by delivery to the company (delivery will be paid for and performed by the customer). The warranty for the return of the product in its entirety, properly applies to the ordering customer.
The credit card charged in the transaction will be credited with the price of the returned product only when the product reaches the supplier.
The shipping fee paid will not be credited.

If an order has been placed for a special product, in which the customer has requested that special changes be made to the product, for him only, or an order for a product that is not currently in stock, it will not be possible to return this product, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.


When purchasing a gift voucher, it will not be possible to refund or cancel the voucher. It can be extended and the products purchased in it can be replaced as described in exchanges and returns.


Cancellation for a personal reason - the cost of delivery + the cost of returning the products + the cost of cancellation at the shipping company = 80 NIS.
Canceling a defective product party - ours

Ownership and preservation of rights

The AYELETSOREGET website contains various materials, protected by copyright, trademarks, other property rights, including content, images, graphics, music, video and sound, some owned by the company and some owned by third parties. Buyer and / or surfer and / or all A third party who performs actions in which he may not modify, publish, broadcast or transfer, take part in the transfer or sale and use the site or part thereof to create a derivative work or utilize the site, and / or the content of the site, in whole or in part for any purpose, except The purpose for which the site was created The company allows the user to "download" data to his personal computer for personal non-commercial use only, this permit as well as any other legal action on the site, does not give the user any proprietary right in the said information and site and content. at all.
The user undertakes not to upload (UPLOAD) to the site any information of any kind and sex, which infringes the copyright, trademarks and / or any other proprietary right and / or pornographic material and / or material that is suspected of defamation, etc. If the user uploads information and / or material as stated above, he undertakes to indemnify the company and / or anyone on its behalf and / or the operators of the site for any damage and / or expense (including attorney's fees and legal expenses), which will be caused to them as a result of his non-conduct. Worth of the user, mentioned above.
The site contains "links" to other sites on the Internet. The company provides these links for convenience only and is not responsible for the information appearing on them or other sites linked to them, their validity and legality. A buyer who wishes to use these links does so at his own risk.
The company will be allowed to close the site, cancel services or reduce them. Also, the company will first change the site policies from time to time.
Any dispute that arises between a buyer and / or a surfer on the website and the company, regarding the purchase or any other activity on the website, will be clarified in Israel in the courts in Tel Aviv only.


The company sells the products on its behalf or on behalf of the suppliers with whom it works in cooperation and acts as an intermediary between the suppliers and the promoters.

The actions. However, the company and / or those on its behalf do not bear any responsibility for the quality of the products, their features, the names of the manufacturers, and / or any presentation made on the site regarding the said details. The full and exclusive responsibility for the products applies to the suppliers. If the customer purchases a defective product, he is entitled to replace or return it or cancel it and get his money back as specified in these regulations. The sole responsibility for the products, their quality and quality, their durability and content, including the operating instructions, applies to the suppliers and in accordance with the conditions appearing on their website or in the warranty and delivery certificate of their product. The rulings assumed all the obligations imposed on a “dealer” under the Consumer Protection Act and regulations enacted under it and undertook that each product has the approvals required by law.

The company "Ayelet Stein Interior Design" will be responsible for the products it manufactures as indicated on the website next to each product and each supplier will be responsible for the product it provides to the company and it is sold under it.


If the products sent to the ordering party are defective upon receipt, the customer must notify the company immediately and send the product back to the company at his own expense. If the product is defective, the company reserves the right to offer the operator to replace the product with a proper product or to qualify for the purchase. The determination of whether the product was defective will be at the sole discretion of the company and cancellation of such charge or refund will be made only after the company has determined that the product is defective.


Limitation of Liability

The company strives for all its products to be in good condition and of the highest quality. However, there may be cases where there is a defect in some of these products. In such a case, the buyer is entitled to contact the company and warn about it. The company will investigate the complaint and may replace the defective product with the same product or credit the buyer with the total consideration paid for that product, at the sole discretion of the company.

The company will not be liable for any damage that may be caused as a result of improper or incorrect use of the products.

The images on the site are for illustration purposes only. It should be emphasized that there may be differences in colors or other changes between the appearance of the product in the picture and the product in reality.

The company is not responsible for products whose installation depends on the buyer and which are damaged as a result of incorrect installation.

In any case, the duty of the store, under any legal reason, in respect of products mentioned in this section will not exceed the amount of the consideration actually paid for the product / service ordered by the buyer.

The store and / or the owners of the site and / or its founders and / or any of its operators and / or any of its managers and / or anyone on their behalf are not responsible for the server through the site employee being free of viruses or components or other foreign elements that may damage or damage The purchaser or other equipment of the purchaser when he enters and / or orders or services and / or uses the site. Also, the store will not be liable for any illegal activity on the site performed by any buyer or any third party that is not under the control of the company. The Company shall be entitled to terminate or prevent the engagement or access of purchasers to any part of the Site or the entire Site at any stage.



Small text files that are stored by the server on which the site is stored, using the operation operation browser, on the hard drive of the computer using the operation operation. It does not contain a personal touch and you can adjust the browser so that you refuse to accept them. The use of cookies allows the company to provide a faster and more efficient service and will save the operator from having to enter his personal details at any time in the future.

Indemnification and compensation for improper use of the site
Anyone who improperly uses the site undertakes to indemnify and compensate the store and / or the owners of the site and / or its founders and / or any of its operators and / or any of its managers and / or anyone on their behalf for any claim and / or expense and / or damages of any kind. Including legal expenses, which will be incurred by the company / or the owners of the site and / or its founders and / or any of its operators and / or any of its managers and / or anyone on their behalf.

Customer Service

For any questions regarding products, orders, delivery, availability in stock, etc., you can contact Ayelet Stein Interior Design. You can contact us via the contact form on the website, by e-mail: and by phone: +972-52-2257664. The telephone service is available Sunday-Thursday from 9:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M local time (Israel).


If you do not accept these terms and / or one of the sections where you can contact the company in order to reach the Valley of Equality.

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