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A cute and easy to make amigurumi doll with continuous knitting from the legs to the tip of the head. The arms and ears are knitted separately, with the arms joining the body during knitting and only the ears finally joining in sewing.


In the instructions, I will demonstrate the color transitions according to the pictures, but you can play with the shades as you wish and use leftover threads that you have at home.


the necessary materials:

  • a third A roll of cotton thread in the color of your choice for the doll's body.
  • Leftover cotton threads in different colors for the shirt and the embroidering of the facial features.
  • A needle suitable for the thickness of the cotton threads, scissors, row marker (recommended).
  • Acrylic filling.
  • Doll eyes - optional, you can also embroider eyes or sew small buttons.


Abbreviations and clarifications:

Magic ring = base for circular knitting, many instructional videos can be found online.

Moth = chain eye

page = page

Ha = half a page

Tsm = reduction, knitting one eye/h/p on top of two eyes.

H = increase, knitting two stitches/h/p on top of one stitch.

(*) = the number of stitches at the end of the row.


two hands

We knit the hands first so that we can connect them to the body later in the knitting. Start with a dark blue thread.

Q 1.A magic ring with 6 pieces on it (6)

Q 2.  6 Hag (12)

Q 3. (1 h, 1 g) * 6 times (18)

Q 4. Hea without magnification (18)


To receive the complete instruction file by email, please complete the order process.


Don't feel like knitting? No big deal, you can purchase this ready-made doll.


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