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Crochet Cactus Pettern (In Hebrew) :

Also available in English

Crochet cactus can decorate any room and is a great gift for any home. Knitting the cactus is relatively quick and simple, with almost no sewing (except for the flower connection at the end) and it comes out almost life-size. It is recommended to use 50 g cotton threads .

Materials needed :

  • One-third brown wire roll for the pot.
  • Half a roll of green thread.
  • A little red or pink thread for knitting the flower.
  • Crochet hook No. 2.5-3.
  • Needle, scissors, line marker (recommended).
  • Acrylic filler.
  • Hard cardboard circle 3 inches in diameter (about 8 cm).

Shortcuts and clarifications :

Magic ring = base for starting a circular knitting (instructional videos can be found online).

Moth = chain eye

P = page

H = half a page

Tzm = reduction, knitting one eye / ha / one on two eyes.

C = magnification, knitting two eyes / h / p on one eye.

(*) = The number of eyes at the end of the line.

Begin by knitting the flower pot with a brown thread :

Q 1. A magic ring with 6 h on it (6)

Q 2. H * 6 times (12)

Q 3. (1 h, 1 h) * 6 times (18)

For the full file by email please complete the purchase.

Also available in English

Crochet Cactus Pettern (In Hebrew)

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