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The purpose of the guide is to guide you step by step in building a plan for designing and renovating your home, so that you will be better prepared for the process you are entering. The guide opens a door to a vast world of knowledge, and will allow you to demonstrate proficiency and understanding in front of the professionals you hire for their services, or in exchange in front of suppliers of home products. After all, knowledge is worth money, and your knowledge will be of great value in the process of designing and renovating your home.

Who is the guide for?

  • For interior design lovers wherever they are.
  • For people whose thoughts of improving the home disturb their peace of mind.
  • For those planning to buy a new apartment from a contractor or a second-hand apartment, for residence or investment.
  • For those interested in improving your property for residence or prior to its sale.
  • For occupants of a building in the first stages before the building undergoes "evacuation of construction" or TMA 38.
  • For real estate agents, realtors or lawyers in the field of real estate.
  • For suppliers and professionals in the field of construction and renovations who are interested in giving a gift to their customers.
  • For you, if you have been thinking about renovating your home, making a change or even a small upgrade.

The guide was written for you. I encourage you to read it, and use it for your own needs in each of the steps.

What will you find in the guide?
This guide contains a lot of information, offers guidance on how to plan and carry out a home renovation project, and answers many questions that come up along the way:

  • How to approach this project, and how to plan it?
    How to define the needs and goals you want to achieve?
  • Who are the professionals you will need to hire their services for, and how will you choose them?
  • What plans and drawings will be required for the project, and what do they include?
    How to plan the project budget so that you do not deviate from it?
    And, a comprehensive list of accessories, materials and elements you will be required to choose and purchase.

The guide in front of you was written by an interior designer, with professional knowledge and experience in the field in planning and accompanying projects for the renovation of apartments, houses and offices.


The book has also a paperback version.

Digital Book: The Guide to Home Renovation and Design (HEBREW)

  • After completing the purchase, a link and password to download the book will be sent by email.


    The book has also a paperback version.

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