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Crochet Pattern for an amigoromi bunny with a shirt and bow tie

A sweet bunny doll is a special gift for everyone and every age. The bunny is crocheted from the legs to the end of the head in one unit without sewing, when the previously knitted hands are attached to the body while working. Finally it remains to sew the ears, tail and bow tie together. You can use 50 gram or 100 gram cotton threads.

Materials needed :

  • Half a roll of white or cream yarn.
  • Half a roll of yarn in a colored shade for the shirt and the bow.
  • A little black thread for the eyes.
  • A little pink thread for the cream of facial features. It is also possible to use safety eyes made of plastic.
  • One crochet hook No. 2.5-3 for 50 g yarn or Crochet hook No. 4 for 100 g yarn.
  • Needle, scissors, line marker (recommended).
  • Acrylic filler.

Shortcuts and clarifications :

Moth = chain eye

P = page

H = half a page

Tzm = reduction, knitting one eye / ha / one on two eyes.

C = magnification, knitting two

Begin by knitting both hands:

Q 1. A magic ring with 6 h on it (6)

Q 2. c X 6 times (12)

S. 3-4. Move the entire length of the row for 2 rows (12)

Q 5. (1 cm, 2 h) X 3 times (9)

Fill the palm with acrylic only.

For the full instruction file (in Hebrew) by email please complete the purchase by email please complete the purchase process.

Crochet Bunny Pattern (Hebrew) | Amigurumi Pattern

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