Winnie the Pooh Crochet Pattern (In Hebrew):


Materials needed :

  • 2 pieces of yellow cotton yarn.
  • 1 piece of red cotton yarn for the shirt.
  • A little black thread for facial tissue.
  • A pair of safety eyes made of plastic (optional, can also be embroidered).
  • One crochet hook with a thickness suitable for the thread.
  • Needle, scissors, mark lines.
  • Acrylic filler.

Shortcuts and clarifications :

Magic ring = base for starting knitting in a circle (instructional videos can be found online).

Moth = chain eye

P = page

H = half a page

Tzm = reduction, knitting one eye / ha / p one on two eyes.

C = magnification, knitting two eyes / h / p on one eye.

(*) = The number of eyes at the end of the line.